Award winning artist/author/cartoonist Arthur de Pins turns his hit graphic novel series into a stylish first animated feature, in which vampires, witches and zombies hide in plain sight by working at a horror-themed amusement park. The park is built over a gateway to hell and stocked with delightfully ghoulish characters such as blood-sucking CEO Francis von Bloodt, tattooed, spell-casting, teen skater-witch Gretchen and the swooningly handsome but vain Steven, heart-throb leader of the sexy “Twilight”-style vampires, who have a plan to banish the zombies and other less attractive creatures and take the park over for themselves. Despite all the undead, this Cannes Film Festival premiere is a family-friendly affair, more “Thriller” than Freddie Krueger, and features music by euro-rockers Skip the Use and an original score by Eric Neveux.

Film also screened and selected as feature film in competition at Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2017