Where is Anne Frank

One night, Kitty, the most famous imaginary friend in history, pops into being from the ink-filled pages of Anne Frank’s diary. She doesn’t understand where her old friend has gone (or why, for that matter, their former home has become a tourist attraction). Aided by a crafty pickpocket and a band of young refugees seeking safe quarter, she sets out to solve the mystery, criss-crossing through time and taking us from the streets of Amsterdam to Bergen-Belsen in Germany. While Anne’s deified name has been reverently affixed to bridges and schools and hospitals, Kitty fears her friend’s true legacy is being forgotten. An urgent and poignant detective story from award-winning filmmaker Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir), Where Is Anne Frank is imbued with fantastical animated sequences (40s era Clark Gable on horseback!) and a modern punk sensibility (complete with glorious Karen O soundtrack) and is an essential history for audiences of all ages. (ANIMATION IS FILM)