Robot Dreams

Spain / France · 2023 · 101 min
No Dialogue · All Ages

In-person Q&A with Director Pablo Berger!

Set in the 1980s East Village, this uniquely New York tale introduces us to Dog, a glum bipedal pooch whose nightly routine consists cable TV and prepackaged frozen dinners for one. A respite from the solitude comes via a late night informercial advertising a Robot Companion. Before you can say “Some assembly required,” new BFFs Dog and Robot are riding the subway and roller skating through Central Park. When a Labor Day weekend trip to the beach goes awry, Dog (and Robot) finds themselves questioning Tennyson’s famous line about whether it’s really “better to have loved and lost…” Pablo Berger’s (Blancanieves) first foray into feature animation, based on Sara Varon’s graphic novel and peppered with cinematic allusions to The Wizard of Oz, The Big Lebowski, and Esther Williams musicals, among others, is unlike any film you’ve ever seen: a moving, thoughtful treatise on the nature of friendship, and the power of dreams and learning to let go. A NEON release.

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