Academy Award-nominated Didier Brunner, producer of Triplets of Belleville, The Secret of Kells, and Ernest & Celestine, brings us a richly textured children’s fable set in an Andean village at the edge of the vast Incan empire. Tepulpaï is a mischievous 10-year-old who dreams of becoming a shaman. As the villagers are gathering to make an offering to their great spirit Pachamama, the ceremony is disrupted by an Incan overlord, who confiscates the town’s golden statue. Tepulpaï, sees the chance to show his metal and sets off to recapture the irreplaceable treasure, joined, whether he likes it or not, by his friend Naira and her smart-talking pet llama. Together they make a journey across uncharted lands, full of unknown obstacles and dangers. And meanwhile the Spanish have invaded with guns in search of gold! Pachamama’s dark, soft hues draw on the palette of the high forests of the Andean altiplano, while the soundtrack features pre-Columbian music performed using ancient water flutes, tambourin, and condor feathers.