Nahuel and the Magic Book

Having grown up in a seaside town and with a fisherman father is hard for Nahuel since he has a crippling fear of the ocean. He’s desperate for a solution and he just may have found one in a mysterious book, the Levisterio. Taking the book brings about new problems for Nahuel though as a dark sorcerer is after the book and will do anything (including kidnapping Nahuel’s father) in order to get it. Nahuel finds help from Fresia, the daughter of a shaman, but in order to make everything right Naheul will have to find the courage from within.

From the producers of the Academy Award winning Bear Story, Nahuel and the Magic Book is a classic, delightful adventure film. It’s timeless sensibilities are paired with a winning, modern animation style. Despite the title, the magic extends far beyond the book, and fills every frame of this charming film.