Chicken for Linda!

France · 2023 · 73 min
French (With English Subtitles) · All Ages

After a misunderstanding Paulette is racked with familiar parental guilt and vows to make it up to her daughter Linda. The only problem is Linda’s one request, to make the chicken and peppers dish her late father always made, is difficult not just because Paulette can’t cook, but an ongoing strike means she can’t even get a chicken. A simple task takes Paulette and Linda on a screwball adventure from henhouse to watermelon truck, meeting incompetent police to allergic truck drivers and eventually the whole neighborhood is invested in the escapade. Their journey proves that life throws you something unexpected, toss it in the pot and it’s bound to make the recipe more interesting and ultimately more delicious. Filmmakers Sebastian Laudenbach and Chiara find the beauty, humor and absurdity in everyday life and through clever visuals give us a new perspective on what may appear familiar. Winner of the Cristal Prize for Best Feature Film at the 2023 Annecy Film Festival, Chicken for Linda is both a film unlike any others as well as a undisputable crowd pleaser, a perfect recipe for a film.

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