Raúl De La Fuente

Another Day of Life
In 2015, Raúl de la Fuente’s film Minerita was shortlisted for the 88th Oscars© Academy Awards as Best Short Documentary Subject. The film won in 2014 the Goya Award, from the Spanish Cinema Academy. Minerita has been screened in more than 140 film festivals and has won 45 international prizes. His first feature film Nömadak TX was the most awarded Spanish documentary film in 2007 (17 prizes and more than 150 selections in film festivals).
As Ryszard Kapuscinki, the main character of the film, Raúl de la Fuente has travelled around the world in search for stories, directing films in India, Angola, Lapland, Sierra Leone, Algeria, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Peru, Cuba, Bolivia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, USA, Canada, Qatar, UK, Switzerland, New Caledonia, Haiti, Benin, Colombia, Mozambique, Togo…