Matt Williames

Matt Williames began his 23-year career at the age of 14, when he started working professionally as an animator while still in junior high school. At the time, Matt worked on projects ranging from the animated feature Quest for Camelot, to independent shorts, including the Oscar nominated Stubble Trouble.

After high school, Matt attended CalArts’ Character Animation program, and at age 20 went on to be hired by Warner Brothers Feature Animation as an animator on Looney Tunes: Back in Action.

Upon the wrap of that film, Matt was met at a crossroads of career paths: stay doing what he loved in hand drawn animation, which seemed to be dying a slow death, or pursue CG, which was booming and employing all of his friends. He chose the former – a career that has taken him to almost every major studio, working across several different capacities, and leaves him as one of the few remaining hand-drawn animators actively working in the industry. Matt has worked on such films as Coraline, Princess and the Frog, Me and My Shadow, and was part of the core team that animated the Oscar-nominated and Annie Award-winning Adam and Dog.

Matt just wrapped as the supervising animator of Mogens from the highly anticipated hand drawn animated film, Klaus, and is currently doing character design for Warner Animation Group’s DC Super Pets. He lives in Southern Oregon with his wife and 3 daughters.