Everett Downing

Everett Downing is an animator, story artist and director living in the Greater Los Angeles area. Born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in Denver, he studied Film, focusing on computer animation at Columbia College in Chicago. Everett began his career as a story artist at Big Idea Productions before making his break into feature film, animating at Blue Sky Studios on the original “Ice Age.” He worked as an animator and story artist on three more features there (including “Robots,” “Ice Age 2,” and “Epic”) before taking a position as an animator at Pixar Animation Studios. After animating on several award winning feature films (every feature from “Ratatouille” to “Monster’s University”), he transitioned back into story where he boarded on the “Toy Story That Time Forgot” and “Cars 3.” He’s since worked on several feature films at Dreamworks Feature Animation, Paramount Studios, and Sony Pictures animation. Currently he’s working at Netflix Animation where he just finished storyboarding on Jorge Gutierrez’s animated mini-series, “Maya and the Three.”