Free Event, Shorts

SHORTS #2: Student Showcase

October 22, 2022 6:45 pm


A vibrant and diverse collection of student short films from some of the most highly regarded animation schools in the country.

Midnight Garden (Sapphira Chen, CalArts)

The Best Ham Sandwich According to a Fish” (Jessica Xu, CalArts)

Homebody (Sophia Du, CalArts)

Something Fishy (Christina Woo, CalArts)

I Am a Fish (Joy Chung, CalArts)

Fester (R.N. Salners, CSUF)

Mythos of Stratus (Yi Jiang, CSULB)

Gireogi Appa (So Youn Rebecca Jeon, CSULB)

72 (Valor Aguilar, CSULB)

Canvas of Life (Taiki Satake, CSULB)

Lamppost (Chinh Mai, CSULB)

Between the Two (Chatham Bros, USC)

Have a Good Night (Shengluo Zhang, USC)

Rose (Joe Jacobs, USC)