Shorts 2: Best of Annecy, in Partnership With Women in Animation

October 22, 2023 3:00 pm - TCL CHINESE THEATRES - AUDITORIUM 6

Animation Is Film is once again proud to shine a light on some of the year’s most extraordinary animated short films in three separate Short Film presentations.

For Shorts 2: Best of Annecy, in partnership with Women In Animation, AIF brings back its most celebrated shorts anthology for its fifth iteration. A collection of short films from the Annecy International Animation Film Festival selected by our partners at Women In Animation. The titles:

OUR UNIFORM (Iran/ Yegane Moghaddam) – An Iranian girl unfolds her school memories through the wrinkles and fabrics of her old uniform. She admits that she’s nothing but a “female” and explores the roots of this idea in her school years.

LE GRANDE ARCHE (France/ Camille Authouart) – With nearly 70 monumental works of art scattered throughout the district, La Défense in Paris is Europe’s largest open-air museum. Sitting between the legs of the gigantic Red Spider, I wonder how I hadn’t noticed them before?

THE MIRACLE (Belgium-The Netherlands-France/ Nienke Deutz) – The Miracle, a place where the sun always shines, there’s endless opportunities to relax and food is in abundance.

27 (France-Hungary/ Flora Anna Buda) – Alice is 27 years old today. Although she feels oppressed because she still lives with her parents, she spends her time daydreaming to escape her dreary everyday life.

LA PERRA (Colombia-France/ Carla Melo Gampert) – In Bogota, a bird-girl leaves behind the family home, her domineering mother and faithful dog to go and explore her sexuality.

NUN OR NEVER (Finland/ Heta Jaalinoja) – A nun digs a man out of the ground and loses her grip on everyday life. Can secrets and harmony coexist?