Shorts 1: Award-Winning Animated Shorts

October 21, 2023 5:30 pm - TCL CHINESE THEATRES - AUDITORIUM 6

IN-PERSON Q&A with Andrew Ruhemann (director, THE DAY I BECAME A BIRD), Mitra Shahidi (STARLING), and Ethan Barrett (ROSEMARY A.D.)

Animation Is Film is once again proud to shine a light on some of the year’s most extraordinary animated short films in three separate Short Film presentations.

For Shorts 1: Award-winning Animated Shorts, a collection of Oscar-qualifying titles from around the world, including: 

THE DAY I BECAME A BIRD (UK/ Andrew Ruhemann) – A boy falls in love with a girl who only has eyes for birds. To get her attention, he comes up with a rather unusual plan.

STARLING (USA/ Mitra Shahidi) – A little girl shoots down from the heavens to spend her birthday with her family.

ROSEMARY A.D. (AFTER DAD) (USA/ Ethan Barrett) – Would my daughter be better off without me? The question swims around a father’s mind as he cradles his newborn, in this darkly funny and poignant tale.

LETTER TO A PIG (Israel-France/ Tal Kantor) – A Holocaust survivor reads a letter he wrote to the pig who saved his life. A young schoolgirl hears his testimony in class and sinks into a twisted dream where she confronts questions of identity, collective trauma, and the extremes of human nature.

WILD SUMMON (France-UK/ Saul Freed & Karni Arieli) – A natural history fantasy film, following the dramatic lifecycle of the wild salmon in human form.

ARMAT (Switzerland/ Elodie Dermange) – Élodie tries to find out more about her family’s Armenian origins. She interviews her father, her uncle, her great aunt, and discovers a harsh history where violence and the inability to express love are passed down from generation to generation.