Q&A with Director Mascha Halberstad

Nine year old Babs lives a fairly content life in her idyllic Dutch town, but it’s turned a bit upside down when her wild-card American Grandfather shows up and camps out in the back of the family home. To Babs’s delight–and her vegetarian, cautious parents’s horror–he gives Babs a pet piglet named Oink. Babs always wanted a puppy but Oink is close enough, right? He is certainly just as charming. Her parents decide that if he can pass puppy training school then he can stay. If his schooling isn’t a big enough challenge, the town’s infamous Sausage King competition is gearing up. Danger seems to be lurking around every corner but could the biggest threat be closer to Babs than she thinks? The lovingly handcrafted stop-motion film by Mascha Halberstad is alive with humor and humanity.