Google VR Lounge #2

Google Spotlight Presents the VR Lounge at Animation Is Film
Featuring the LA Premieres of their latest projects, SON OF JAGUAR, directed by Jorge Gutiérrez, and SONARIA, directed by Scot Stafford and Chromosphere.

Directed by Jorge Gutiérrez
Son of Jaguar is the soon-to-be-released Google Spotlight Story directed by acclaimed director, Jorge Gutiérrez (The Book of Life). In the most important match of his life, the once mighty masked luchador, Son of Jaguar, faces his legacy, his family, and what it means to be a part of something bigger than himself.

Directed by Scot Stafford and Chromosphere
Sonaria follows two ever-changing creatures as they flow from one life form to another in an immersive tale of sound and light.

Saturday – 12–6pm
Son of Jaguar — directed by Jorge Gutierrez by Google Spotlight Stories
Rain or Shine — directed by Felix Massie, presented by Google Spotlight Stories
Sonaria — directed by Scot Stafford and Chromosphere, presented by Google Spotlight Stories
One Morning — presented by Lytro

Sunday — 12-6pm
Arden’s Wake — presented by Penrose Studios
Show It 2 Me — presented by Titmouse
Manifest 99 — presented by Flight School
Song of the Sea — presented by Cartoon Saloon