Baobab Studios’ Namoo: A Conversation With Eric Darnell and Erick Oh

Join Baobab Studios’ Chief Creative Officer, Eric Darnell, and Erick Oh, the Oscar-nominated director of their latest animated short film, NAMOO, as they talk about their respective journeys working for big studios such as DreamWorks Animation and Pixar, embracing new technology and working in the world of independent filmmaking. They will discuss their creative freedom from an artistic standpoint, as well as the biggest challenges they faced along the way. They will end by going into a deep dive about creating the studio’s latest animated short film, NAMOO, simultaneously for both theatrical and VR platforms. Using one of the latest state-of-the-art animation tools, Quill, along with real-time technology, NAMOO – translated to “tree” in Korean – is a hand-crafted narrative poem following the beautiful and heartbreaking moments of a man’s life, from beginning to end.