Henry Selick, p.g.a.

Henry Selick, p.g.a. (Director / Co-Screenwriter / Producer)

HENRY SELICK is the creative force behind the award-winning animated films Coraline – Laika’s first and still most successful feature – which he wrote, directed, and co-produced; the iconic The Nightmare Before Christmas, which he directed for producer Tim Burton and Disney; and the stunning James and the Giant Peach, which he directed for Disney. And now, in 2022, Selick has just completed his latest stop motion project, Wendell & Wild, for Netflix Animation. The film, based on his original story, was co-written and co-produced with Jordan Peele, who voices one of the titular characters along with Keegan Michael Key. Selick says his fantastical, scary, funny films are intended for “brave children of all ages” and believes that stop motion, the oldest form of animation and his chosen technique, is the most magical and timeless.