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Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko

Ayumu Watanabe
Japan · 2021 · 94 min
Japanese with English Subtitles

Lady Nikuko is a brash, jolly, scattered and passionate woman in an otherwise sleepy, small seaside town in northern Japan. She’s also the mom of 11-year-old Kikuko, who is her opposite in many ways. Kikuko is a stringbean of a young girl, pensive, quietly curious and methodical in how she approaches life in this sleepy, harbor town. Nikuko embarasses Kikuko as any mom of a preteen would, but Nikuko’s bold spirit makes her well-known in the town at a point when Kikuko is trying to blend in. While Kikuko actively tries to avoid the social dramas of middle school she finds herself drawn to her mysterious classmate Ninomiya. One thing that draws everyone together is the delectable, mouth-watering food at the restaurant Nikuko works at. While the two try to navigate their own distinct paths in life, a shocking revelation uproots their core connection.

Director Ayumu Watanabe’s (AIF ‘19, Children of the Sea) unique attention to detail and artistry he brings to every-day life is on full display in Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko, which is based on a popular book by author Kanako Nishi. Watanabe finds the magic and mystic in the worlds naturally occurring around us as well as the ones we create for ourselves. (ANIMATION IS FILM)

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