Mars Express

October 20, 2023 7:00 pm - TCL CHINESE THEATRES - AUDITORIUM 1

Aline Ruby is a private detective who tries to outrun her own demons by chasing other people’s troubles. She’s aided by her loyal partner, Carlos Rivera, or, more specifically, the android replica of him. Their current mission is to track down the disappearance of Jun Chow, a young cybernetics student. When the two detectives realize they’re not the only ones trying to find Jun Chow they begin to question not only their own mission but how Jun’s disappearance could be a critical factor in the fight between humans and robots. Their hunt becomes a race against time as they traverse the bustling metropolitan life and seedy underbelly of Mars’ capital city.

Mars Express provides the nostalgic escape of classic crime thrillers through the unique visual depiction of a future that only animation can provide. The pulse-racing chases and gritty action are set against a genuine and empathic portrayal of what being a true partner means.